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At Southern Nevada Cleaning & Restoration (SNCR), we are committed to ensuring that your home is healthy and clean. With this in mind, we offer cleaning services and restoration plans for every surface and room in your home or offices. One of the many services we offer is dryer vent disinfecting and cleaning.

Your dryer vent may be easy to forget and might sometimes be the last thing on your mind to clean. However, cleaning them regularly is one way to ensuring that your home and commercial space is safe for you, your family, and other users. Some of the warning signs that your vent might be blocked or obstructed include moldy smells, excess lint or pet hair on clothing, clothes taking longer to dry, unusually hot dryer and clothing, excess lint behind the dryer, or no lint in the lint screen. All these signs potentially point to a need to have your dryer checked out - which is where we come in.

Technicians at Southern Nevada Cleaning and Restoration (SNCR) know how to safely clean the potentially harmful bacteria out of your blocked or clogged dry vent, whether it is a build-up of lint or an animal nest - which is usually the cause of a blockage. Our technicians will administer our professional dryer vent line sanitization, to keep your vent system free of fungi, bacteria, and viruses in the future, we would also install pest-proof vents at all termination points in the line.

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